“Happy 1st official day of Spring”

Today marks the first official day of spring for all of us New Yorkers. In many ways it doesn’t feel like it given the icy temperatures and continuous snow storms, however I still manage feel the magic of change coming in the air. It is definitely on the way from the displays in the shops windows to the change in my nail polish color – that hint of new beginnings and fresh starts turning the page over to a new chapter is very much on my radar. One of my favorite things about living in New York is the ability to fully experience all four seasons. It really gives me a great sense of time passing and shows that things move along, despite what is happening in your daily life. I took the time out over the weekend to take two strolls through Central Park and it gave me so much excitement to see the blossoming flowers. Given the cold, windy conditions their heads were down, yet still the yellow, purple and blue flowers are awaiting the perfect time to transform the park into a vibrant, floral wonderland.

The most exciting thing for me about Spring is that I can spend much more time outdoors, which is a lifestyle much closer to my heart coming from the Gold Coast.   It really feels like the city comes to life during this time and we can all finally venture out of our apartments with feeling in all fingers and toes! Once it is warm enough I usually try to take an extra hour before work to sit in the park with a coffee and a book – it is incredible how much my spirits lift by completing this ritual. My social outings also change to meetings outside, be that a picnic in Bryant park, walks along the high line, gatherings at the boat basin or a sunset rooftop drink. Of course my favorite activity is a cheese platter and wine at Sheeps meadow in Central Park with friends. Being a walking city I am also looking forward to making my way on foot more so I can soak up the magical electric energy of New York. So despite the vicious winter storm warning for tomorrow, I am still feeling very hopeful that warmer, colorful times are on the way – times that involve my Canada Goose stashed away in the far back of my closet!