“Magical London Nights”

It’s been awhile since my last post on here – partly due to craziness at work and partly due to not feeling compelled to share anything. I knew that if anything was going to ignite a creative spark in me it was going to be a trip to London. It gets me every time. If NYC and I eventually get a divorce, I’ll start a love affair with London! I used to meet weekly with a very special lady in Australia from the UK who once said to me that when she lived in London it felt like magic was always in the air and that you could walk down the street and “anything was possible.” I certainly know exactly what she is talking about – it also exists in New York. The electrifying energy that makes you feel like any dream could become a reality in these two cities is like no other. London also offers the magic of the Sunday roast which also makes me weak at the knees- just make sure you get in before 5pm! Quick FYI for those following my last blog; I did get my artist visa approved in Italy to remain living here for the next three years (I can safely celebrate my 40th here haha).

I’ve been extremely lucky to get the opportunity to travel all over the world with my job – for me it’s the dream because I love to teach dance and I love to travel. I’ve been fortunate enough to go home three times to Australia this year to teach at the largest dance festivals there – this is always SO special to me to be back in my own country. This trip of course took me to the UK. I am forever grateful to the Star Dance Alliance for believing in me and offering these incredible opportunities – I always consider it a privilege to travel the world no matter how many times I step onto that plane.

You have to remember that I come from the beach on the Gold Coast of Australia so my mind still gets blown when I go to “trendy” city events. The little girl from down under that’s still inside of me has to pinch herself on many occasions even though I now live in the big smoke. I remember a friend of mine going to see a viewing of Sister Act inside a convent in London and thinking how these things never happen where I’m from. The night before our workshop one of my newest and now closest friends Frankie, decided to put on a show to perform some of his new songs off his latest album. An ex student of mine suggested the Shoreditch Treehouse – anyone that knows me knows they would have had me at the word “treehouse.” Upon arriving at the venue we discovered that this space was Keira Knightley’s old apartment! (Added that in for my celeb star friends- you know who you are haha) I’ve never been inside such a glorious venue – there were fairy lights dripping from every corner, cosy rugs, swings. Honestly it was my idea of heaven and I would set up my apartment like this if I could. His performance was stunning – just him and the piano. It was so intimate and definitely my personal favorite show of his. The acoustic version of these songs needs to be released ASAP. It was made extra special because one of my original students Ally attended the night – another inspirational girl who packed up her life in Australia at only 20 and is going for it in London. Natalie Smyth also came out, and her spirit in the room is always so uplifting and contagious. It was just wonderful to catch up with friends from home in such a beautiful setting for something so special.

I have so many crazy, talented friends doing amazing things with their lives at the moment and really pushing to follow their dreams- they are creating Broadway shows, training for marathons, starting their own dance conventions…the list is endless! It’s certainly not easy to put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way and really go for what you truly want. This is especially true in a world where social media allows everyone to pass judgement so easily, and to openly see the successes and the failures of these ventures. I know so often that fear holds me back from going after certain things and seeing my friends really go for it can only inspire me to be a better version of myself. I really think when your being your true authentic self is when the magic happens. I might sound crazy right now, but that quote that talks about taking the trip, eating the cake, writing the book is so very true – this could be because I’m getting older? You get sentimental and the clock starts ticking. Be a dreamer and go big!!!!!

So I guess the moral of the blog is that this trip reignited a spark in this Aussie to dig deep and see what my next move should be. Despite my earlier tangent that path is not life coach! I am proud of myself for achieving a lot and really maximizing my time on this earth, but I do feel that change is in the air. Dance will always be a part of who I am but maybe it’s time to whip out that law degree and step into an office….stay tuned!

***Please check out Frankie Zulferino’s new album “No Boundaries” there is a song on here for everyone! If your in London also consider the Shoreditch Treehouse as a venue, or to go and see a concert – it’s a magical experience to say the very least.