‘Tis the Season

As a true Christmas enthusiast one of the highlights of my year is the holiday season and so naturally I like to kick the festivities off as early as possible. New York City is the ultimate city for a Christmas obsessed person like myself to live in and there are a few little occurrences throughout the city that signify to me the commencement of the most wonderful time of the year; the holiday cups/drinks at Starbucks (my favorite is the Peppermint Mocha), the significant drop in temperature, holiday store at Macys, the construction of the ice skating rink at Bryant Park and the large lit up snowflakes that are displayed along Columbus avenue. However the standout event that has become a tradition and eagerly anticipated event is holiday card making with one of my closest friends Caroline. The date for this evening has been highlighted on my calendar for at least four months and if you ever question who actually watches the Hallmark Christmas movie channel you need look no further.

We go ALL OUT and each year I question why we work in the field of dance and not as card designers for Papyrus or Urban Outfitters. The night commences with wine and cheese and some girly gossip while sitting by our version of a fireplace (the crackling fire image on the tv). This then quickly progresses to a pizza order and the careful selection of a Christmas movie – the corniest, most unrealistic, complete with fake snow galore are usually top of the list. Sequins, gold and silver cards, mistletoe, craft snow, jewels, crystals, robins, holiday tape, glue guns, are all things sprawled across the floor as we set to work on our masterpieces. It is the ultimate in cosy nights in and it is certainly not complete without a cup of extra “chocolately” hot chocolate. If you are lucky enough to receive one of these creations you should feel extremely special and know you have truly received a holiday wish from the heart. It is such a fun tradition and I always leave so energized and excited for the weeks ahead. Living in New York has forced me to change the signs I look out for when the festive season is approaching. No longer is it summer weather, relaxing beach days, bbqs or island style cocktails. I’ve officially traded in the purchase of a new seafolly bikini for a kate spade scarf. It has all been part of the adventure to create these new traditions and in my eyes the holiday card making evening is the official kick off for Christmas!

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