“New York at Christmas”

There is nothing quite like New York at Christmas. It surely has to be labeled the holiday capital of the world. As a major Christmas lover, living here is heaven on earth at this time of year. There are a few personal highlights that I like to indulge in around the city in order for me to feel like I have had the full “holiday” experience.

The first is buying my own real tree and decorating it with the ornaments I have collected from my travels around the world. My latest addition is of a course a handmade creation from Warsaw. It certainly is a far cry from the palm trees we decorate in Australia and the smell of the fresh pine really helps create a cosy atmosphere inside my apartment.

Another favorite activity is making a trip to visit the Rockefeller Center tree. After first viewing this tree in Home Alone 2 as a child I’ve been obsessed. This years visit was like a scene from a movie. I had organised to meet one of my close friends Sandra at 11pm at the tree, however a series of events unfolded that made our meeting seem impossible – my train from work was 15 mins late, her phone died and we hadn’t even made a precise meeting point for our date with the tree. Fate stepped in and a Christmas miracle occurred – we randomly bumped into each other, made it in time to watch the fabulous saks lights display and got a perfect Christmas card worthy shot in front of the tree just seconds before the lights were switched off. We both agreed we would remember this night forever and it would go down in history as one of our favorites in NYC.

I also like to wander the streets down near Chelsea and soak in the atmosphere from the immaculately decorated brownstones. One can only dare to dream they might live here one day. Carefully hung wreaths and stunning trees with warm fireplaces are just a few examples of the sights you will see strolling along these streets and peeking in the windows – lifestyles of the rich and famous!

My final highlight is of course seeing the Radio City Christmas spectacular which I will be doing on Christmas Day. My favorite number is the bus scene that takes you on a tour of New York at Christmas. The other best part of this show is that several of my favorite people perform in this show making it an extra special annual event. The only other thing to make this Christmas perfect would be for it to snow- I’ll be dreaming of a White Christmas!

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