“Work hard, play harder”

Easier said than done! Especially living in a place like NYC – you can get addicted to the hustle. I have not always had the best work/fun balance and often I find my friends and family saying “I don’t know how you do it all” …sometimes I don’t know myself. I really do love what I do which I think helps, but at some point it is so very important to take some time for yourself. I know I don’t stop. When I do finally take the time out, this usually involves a few hours (sometimes days) where I feel extremely guilty for not being on the grind, however deep down I know my work and my whole being is so much more productive when I have had some down time.

Life is so short we really do need to make time to smell the roses. If we are all working this hard and we can’t enjoy it then what is the point? I read a quote recently which drove home the fact that we will not want our tombstone reading “how many hours we clocked,” or “how successful we were in the office,” but instead how we made people feel and the impact we made. I love nothing more than a good pool day with a book and some sunshine – it’s all I need. Living in New York is in my opinion the most competitive and busy city in the world and when I’m there trust me I’m on the merry go round! Some days I’ll ponder on the fact that I went by boat, plane, foot, train all before 9am- it’s insane. I really do get off on adrenaline rush of it all- I love it. However knowing that a few days of rest is just as valuable as taking on that extra class, enables this Aussie to stay in her magic. So many people write to me saying that they love following my adventures and that next life they are coming back as “me” – I’m so flattered by these comments because sometimes I feel like a hot mess run over by a bus. However one thing is for sure – I do my best to live life on all fronts to its full potential! WORK HARD, but remember to play equally as hard!!!!!

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